Unveiling the Dark Side of the Music Industry: How Artists’ Treatment of Mohbad Reveals the Importance of Respect and Unity

It’s truly disheartening that many of these artists mistreated Mohbad during his lifetime.

Rema recently admitted to never having received a direct message from one of his fellow verified artists. Does this imply that he suddenly decided to search through his messages yesterday?

Oxlade had this individual restricted since 2018, yet now he’s expressing sympathy on Instagram along with a screenshot. This behavior not only shows disrespect towards Mohbad but also his devoted fans. It’s evident that these individuals are only sharing their sentiments now because of public pressure. Such treatment is far from how colleagues should interact. Mohbad was known for reaching out to almost all his fellow artists, spreading love, and showering them with accolades. He never sought collaborations; he simply approached everyone with immense respect. It’s challenging to find a celebrity as humble as he was.

He deserves to rest in peace in the afterlife, and that’s why we will continue to advocate for better treatment among colleagues in the industry (said OGB Recent via X platform)