Adekunle Gold’s Evolution and Tio Tequila

Adekunle Gold is constantly on the move. His voice over the phone carries a hint of weariness, a stark contrast to his smooth music persona. Despite a long day of a photo shoot and tour, he’s punctual for our Zoom interview. His fifth album, ‘Tequila Ever After,’ showcases his artistic evolution, blending genres and captivating audiences worldwide.

Recently, he incorporated electronic elements into his performances, a departure from traditional Afropop. He defends this evolution as a genuine passion for electronic music, influenced by artists like David Guetta and Diplo. He had hinted at this shift with “Call On Me” in 2017, a departure from his Highlife roots.

Growing up within the musical Kosoko family of Lagos, Adekunle Gold inherited a love for indigenous Nigerian music genres like Juju and Highlife. These genres played a pivotal role in post-civil war Nigeria, offering solace and joy after a period of conflict.

Adekunle Gold’s journey from being part of a church choir to pursuing a solo career had its share of challenges, but he persevered. His unique blend of artistry extends beyond music; he’s a skilled graphic designer and has designed all his album covers.

He values simplicity in fashion and draws inspiration from Nigerian brands. His ‘Tequila Ever After’ album reflects a celebratory spirit and features collaborations with artists like Khalid and Labrinth.

With five albums under his belt, Adekunle Gold remains confident in his craft and has found success both locally and internationally. His future promises more growth and creativity, as he continues to evolve as an artist.