The News Of Drake’s New Album Not Being Released Left Disappointed Fans.

Drake enthusiasts have been on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating his eighth studio album, “For All The Dogs.” This forthcoming record, marking his fourth album within a span of two years, was initially introduced by the Canadian rapper as a companion piece to his book, “Titles Ruin Everything.” As the months rolled on, he dropped hints that the album would make its debut before the conclusion of summer. In late July, he even went as far as suggesting that August 11th would be the release date. However, despite these teasers, the Boy himself failed to provide an official confirmation, leaving fans to speculate each passing week about the album’s eventual Friday drop.

A sense of promise seemed to fill the air for a potential album release. Drake not only unveiled the album’s cover art, crafted by Adonis, but his fans also began connecting the dots. With International Dog Day falling on August 26th, the 25th appeared to be a fitting day for the Toronto MC to unleash his highly anticipated album. The anticipation was further fueled by a tweet from Amazon Music’s Twitter account, which read, “Drizzy’s son has a future as a cover artist. New @drake August 25th!!” Although the tweet has been removed, it stirred the flames of excitement. Billboard also initially claimed that Drake’s album was slated for release on the 25th, but they have since corrected their statement.