KCee Breaks Silence on Allegations of Abandonment in the Ojapiano Song

Renowned Nigerian artist Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, popularly recognized as KC Limpopo, has addressed accusations surrounding his involvement with the talented prodigy Ojazzy Igbonile in connection to his hit track “Ojapiano.” Amid mounting allegations of neglect and exploitation towards the local flutist, who beautifully incorporated the enchanting sounds of his Oja instrument into the mesmerizing composition of the chart-topping song “Ojapiano,” KC Limpopo has taken the opportunity to clarify his stance.

Masterfully fusing his Igbo heritage with the vibrant South African music scene, KCee contributed a delightful twist to Nigeria’s entertainment export. Yet, the narrative of his alleged abandonment of the emerging talent prompted him to strongly counter such claims in a recent interview with BBC Igbo.

KCee disclosed that he journeyed to a recording studio in Lagos with the young prodigy from the eastern region after being captivated by the boy’s performance during a show. He emphatically emphasized that he not only catered to all of the child’s needs but went above and beyond.

The artist expressed his elation upon discovering that the young talent had created a video, reassuring his community that their relationship was harmonious and that any rumors suggesting otherwise were unfounded.